School Groups


Our certified instructors provide a fun, safe environment at Jericho beach that develops team building and self-confidence.

We offer school group programs for elementary school, high school, ESL groups, Scouts, Cubs, Beavers, Girl Guides, and Community Centers. Your group will experience the thrills of sailing and enjoy the benefit of being taught by instructors who are passionate about their sport. Students acquire an understanding of ocean sailing conditions and develop a foundation for other water activities and basic water safety. Participants will sail on small dinghy’s that will each have 2-3 students aboard. They will learn rigging, de-rigging, tacking, capsizing, and parts of the boat.



This three hour course introduces students to sailing and the sea. Our certified instructors will explain and demonstrate technique, points of sail, steering and balance. Our focus is on-water activities so that students have an opportunity to experience sailing for themselves.

$45/student (min 10 students)

Two on-water sessions helps with skill development. Participants will practice steering, sail trim and balance. Students will also learn basic boating safety, seamanship and knot tying. Usually consists of two 3-hour sessions.

$80/student (min of 10 students)

A 15-hour program conducted over a flexible set of dates. Participants can work towards the internationally recognized CANSail Curriculum or a more customized curriculum. MacSailing has worked with numerous schools creating racing teams or recreational sailing clubs.


The program emphasizes learning boat control so that paddlers will gain the confidence, skills and knowledge to be safe and have fun. The program starts with an intro to the knowledge and skills necessary for “beachfront” paddling activities. It progresses to introduce the novice paddler to paddling with a partner and to introduce basic land and water rescue techniques. All groups are accompanied by coaches in the same ‘inflatable’ coach boats used for sailing programs. Small tours around parts of English Bay are included when conditions are suitable.

$35/student (min of 10 students)

Combine sailing and canoeing for a full watersports experience. Groups can spend the day at the beach taking a break for lunch or come twice. The Jericho Sailing Centre in the perfect place to be introduced to both fun and exciting activities.

$70/student (single day) or $75/student (2 days)

Walking tour of Jericho beach. Students will learn about the different animals living in and around the water. Participants will also be given a brief history of the area. This includes the founding of Vancouver and Jericho’s role in the WWII.

$10/student (min of 10 students)

Introduction to Vancouver marine environment. Explain local eco systems. Canoeing around the Jericho pier and beach area to explore marine life and learn about current and tides. Discuss local fishing traditions, lay crab traps and test a small solar panel when it is sunny.

$35/student (min of 10 students)


MacSailing has four fleets of boats so that participants can sail boats that match their physical size and capabilities. Students usually sail two or three per boat depending on the wind condition and class size. Knowing that beginners may not have easy access to essential sailing clothing, MacSailing happily supplies life jackets and wet suits for all students. Participants only need to bring a bathing suit, towel, water shoes and a change of clothes.


MacSailing is located within Jericho Sailing Centre at Jericho Beach Park. The Centre has full changing facilities with hot showers, 600 parking stalls, 6 meeting rooms and a cafeteria overlooking English Bay and the North Shore Mountains. We are located within 5 minutes of the bus stop. Just outside our compound you will also find playing fields, hiking trails, beaches, barbacue pits and picnic tables.


Bookings are available from April to November. Select a program and contact us with your preferred dates and group size. A $100.00 non-refundable deposit is due upon booking. The number of students participating must be confirmed one week prior to the course starting date.

We are happy to accommodate your varying needs to ensure a positive sailing experience. We can cater our activities to any group size and incorporate add on features such as Barbecues, Pleasure Craft Operator Card Exams and Nature Walks.

Feel free to Contact us for more information.

Some of our previous attendees include

Secondary Schools

Caribou Hill, Churchill, John Oliver, Kitsilano, Magee, North Delta, Point Grey, Richmond Incentive, Saint George’s, Stratford Hall, University Hill, Van Tech, York House.

Elementary Schools

BC Christian Academy, Britannia, Carnarvon, Laurier, Mackenzie, Maple Grove, Queen Mary, St John’s, Trimble After School Care