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This consent and acknowledgment of risk form is an agreement between the participant or the custodial parent/guardian of the participant and MacSailing. The choice to participate in any MacSailing program is made freely and with understanding of the associated benefits, risks and responsibilities. This is not a waiver and signing this form does not waive your child’s legal rights. Please click the boxes (below) to indicate that you and the participant named have read each section and type your name below to confirm that you understand and agree to the following terms.  The activities offered at macsailing are designed to pose appropriate challenges for participants. The enjoyment and educational benefit derived from outdoor activities is, in part, a result of risks inherent in these activities. The benefits of participation include developing self-confidence, leader-ship, teamwork and interpersonal skills, exposure to outdoor recreation activities, and nature education. While MacSailing strives to manage risk, it is neither possible nor desirable to eliminate all risk.

In consideration in allowing me/my minor child to participate in any MacSailing program, event and activity, I UNDERSTAND that:

• MacSailing offers outdoor activities which include, but are not limited to: sailing; stand up paddle boarding; kayaking; cruising and instructional courses.

• Outdoor activities include inherent risks that may be different or greater than those risks normally assumed at home, work or school. These risks include but are not limited to- slipping; insect or animal bites; immersion in cold water; hypothermia (cold exposure); hyperthermia (heat exposure); uneven terrain; unpredictability of weather and ocean conditions; psychological and physical reaction to extreme natural forces and conditions; collision with exposed or unexposed hazards including vessels; loss or damage of personal property; injury; permanent disability; or fatality.

• Communication and emergency response times may be significantly longer than in urban settings.

• I may contact MacSailing in advance if I have questions about the risks described above or pertaining to any other aspect of the program.

I AGREE that participation in MacSailing activities requires the Participant to:

• Share the responsibility for the safety of their self and others during all activities.

• Follow all instructions and directions of MacSailing Instructors/Guides. Failure to do so may result in removal from the program.

• Assume the above risks and accept responsibility and costs for all damages and loss resulting from their participation, including all evacuation costs.

I, as the participant or parent/legal guardian of the Participant, am not relying on any oral, written or visual representation or statements by MacSailing or any other inducement or coercion to go on the program, and I want the Participant to attend MacSailing’s program.

I agree that this Agreement shall be governed exclusively in all respects by and interpreted solely in accordance with the laws of the Province of British Columbia.

Consent to Display Photographs and Images

I give my consent to MacSailing to use photographs or other images of the Participant for educational or promotional purposes.