CANSail 11-16yrs


The CANSail courses follow SailCanada curriculums and include national certification. These courses are more rigorous and internationally recognized. We recommend that younger students take at least one sailing camp before entering the CANSail program.

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  • Description


    In CANSail 1 you can expect to learn sailing terminology, points of sail in a boat with two sails, tacking, gybing, safety, righting a capsized boat and knot tying. In CANSail 2 you will develop your sailing techniques while learning about sail controls, local geography and weather and right of way rules. Upon completion of CANSail 2 you will be able to confidently skipper your own small sailboat. CANSail 1 & 2 classes are taught on RS Zest dinghies.

    In CANSail 3 you will learn advanced boat handling. This includes how to accelerate and slow down efficiently, roll tacks, roll gybes, rudderless sailing, and backward sailing. CANSail 4 is an introduction to racing where you will fine-tune skills learned in previous classes and apply them to the racecourse. The program also incorporates basic racing rules, tactics, and strategy. CANSail 3 & 4 are taught using 420 dinghies.